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The Project Charter sets the Path of your Project

June 30 2011

The project charter is used to set in writing the path, vision, scope and objectives of your project so it is clearly stated and understood by all involved. This is important to establish so all the supporting documents can then be created so the stated goals can then be achieved. For some this document is also called the Term of Reference because it is where all the reference information for the project is to be located.

To create a project charter most project managers are now using a project management template to assist them. This is a preformatted document that has a known successful path to follow so your document will have all the pertinent information that is required of it. By following this known path to success, those needed the information it contains will be able to find it quickly and easily.

While a good project charter does not guarantee a successful project, without one that is properly created, your project will not be able to achieve success. This is why so many project managers not only use the templates to help guide them in the creation of this document, but also several samples from past successful projects.

Areas that the project charter will clearly define are the project vision and the objectives that will be clearly started in the beginning. The next section will have the definition of the scope of the project and all that entails of it. There should also be what the deliverable that is to be created listed. If there is more than one, then all should be listed here.

So the project team members know their roles, duties and full responsibilities, this information should also be included in the project charter. This should be done from the most senior level down that will also be used as the chain of command for the project when a decision is needed.

The project charter is the backbone on which a successful project will be defined and laid out. It does not guarantee success, but it does give your project a chance of succeeding.