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A Quality Plan will improve your Business

July 4 2011

The establishing of a quality plan for your business will improve not only how your company is perceived by the public, but help to increase your revenue streams. This can be done even when the current perception is not favorable. A good example of this is Japan and goods that are made there.

Back in the 1970’s the quality plan of most Japanese manufacturers was nearly none existent. Because of this the stamp of “Made in Japan” meant it was typically junk.  This all changed when the Japanese manufacturing concentrated on electronics that was of a high quality.

The evolution of the Japanese manufacturing philosophy all started with a high level quality plan that was given propriety. It did take a few years, but today the words “Made in Japan” now means high quality goods.

You can do the same with your company no matter what the current statues is by instituting a new quality plan into your business philosophy. This can all start with the use of a quality control template from the project management template program. This is a useful tool tin helping a project manager in creating a plan that specifically documents the level of quality your business case has asked for.

The level of quality stated in your quality plan may not always be the highest level that can be attained. To know exactly what level you need to be at will be stated in the business case that was approved by the project stakeholders. In many cases the level of quality will be regulated by the specifications of the deliverable and how tight they physically are.

This level in the quality plan could be established so the target audience is attracted. This can be the high end users or the bulk users. This way money and resources are not wasted in establishing a higher than necessary product when the added expense of achieving it is nut justifiable.

What is for certain is that by having a quality plan in place is the only way to control this variable in the manufacturing process.