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Quality Control Plan for Control

July 7 2011

A quality control plan in place as a working part of your business routine is the best way for a business to control the production processes that are creating the revenue streams of the company. Without them, the possibility of losing customers and revenue are increased dramatically.

For those companies that do not already have an active quality control plan, creating one that will serve the intended purpose of checking and improving your product is easier than ever before. This is with the project management tool called the quality control template.

The quality control plan template is a preformatted document that is used as a guide as well as the beginning document for the necessary process you need. The areas that will be required are already laid out along with being in the correct order so its implementation can be a successful venture in your daily business routine.

The specifications for your quality control plan will originate from the business case of your current project. These are approved by the stakeholders of your project and will outline what the acceptable tolerances will be for your deliverable.

When understanding and designing your quality control plan, know that the level of quality as set forth in the business case has a reason for being at the level indicated. Not every product has additional value when the quality is increased to its maximum level. As an example there would be no advantage to have a tolerance of nails to be within 0.01” if the 1” nail is to be used in construction of ordinary housing units, a tolerance of 0.1” would be easier to make without affecting the effectiveness of the nail for the intended purpose along with more nails being acceptable under the quality plan.

The design of your new quality control plan has to take into consideration the intended purpose of your deliverable and the target audience they are going to be marketed too. Too tight of a specification of a quality control limits might be a waste of money and time. To loose of the quality control specifications could make your deliverable inferior to the competition and be a money losing venture. This is why you should always follow the stated and approved quality control limits.