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Using a Project Communication Plan

August 1 2011

Knowing how to use a project communication plan is an essential part of running a successful project. Just having one in place is meaningless unless it is an active part how your project team conducts their daily business routine.

This all starts with the creation of a project communication plan that is functional and easy to follow. To start one from scratch is seldom done anymore since the introduction of the project management templates. There is one made just for the creation of the communication plan.

In creating the project communication plan by using the template, you will have a guide to the correct order in which an efficient plan can be created the first time. It will also contain all the necessary components that will be needed by your team and customers to have a proper channel of communications open so the transfer of data and information can be received as it was sent.

The project communication plan will contain a list of the requirements that each customer has identified as needed from your company. There will also be list of just what deliverables will be produced for each customer. As part of the criteria of transferring the deliverables to the customers there also needs to be an agreed upon set of quality checks that must be obtained for acceptance by the customer.

The complete list of the stakeholders and how they wish to be relayed information is to also be included. With this included in the project communication plan along with what qualifies as a communication event should be listed. With clear to read and follow paths for data and information to be transferred so all project team members can be fully aware of just how it is to be done each time. This will keep those that need to know about particular items or information on the ongoing project updated as they see fit.

The purpose of a project communication plan is to relay the required information when it is requested so it can be received as it was sent. This way no ambiguity on the data or information will invade the communication pipeline.