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A Sample Project Plan can be a Perfect Guide to Follow

August 15 2011

The use of a sample project plan as a guide has been done since the first project plan was documented many years ago. This is a simple path to making sure the correct produced and order is followed so a positive result can be the result.

There are several things that must be considered when using a past sample project plan as a guide. The economic conditions are at the top of this list. The proper adjustments then need to be made to make the present plan fit the current economic conditions. This is an every changing business environment and it must be taken into consideration.

The next thing when using a sample project plan is not to forget to also open and use the project management template as the document to place the information in. In the digital age, a sample’s content can be easily removed but this should not be done. With each plan, there are always some adjustments to how the template is used. For consistency purposes always start with the template and transfer the data from the sample into it.

Other considerations that you need to make when using a sample project plan as a guide is to check the availability of the raw materials that were used. Do not assume they will still be readily available or at the same price. Send out a Request for Information to check both of these variables so you will not be caught off guard if there has been a change.

With every variation from the conditions that the sample project plan was executed under to what is present today should be addressed. In some instances the variables will not have changed but it is always better to check than assume and have your project come to a halt because something was not brought up to date for the current conditions.

The use of the sample project plan is a great way to get a jump start on formulating a new project plan. Just remember there will be difference between the two that have to be addressed for your project to be a success.