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Using the Statement of Work for your Benefit

August 22 2011

By using the statement of work to your benefit, you can let the third party suppliers know exactly what you need and why you need it in the way you have requested. This allows for no ambiguity in your communications to anyone so no misinterpret of your needs will occur.

The statement of work is a formal document that should be created using a project management template. This will help to bring consistency in this all important type of communications. It is also a way to make sure all of the information you need in this document to be present and in the correct order.

By having the information in your statement of work in a particular order, it will prevent a mistake from occurring by the businesses that only scan this document.  By having the information formatted exactly the same every time; each recipient will know exactly where the vital information that pertains to them will be located.

For those wishing to use a template to create their statement of work, there are several on the market. The main differences between them are the real life samples and instructions that accompany this type of management tool. The better the instructions and way the program is laid out, the sooner a project manager can use this tool in practical applications involving the tasks assigned to them.

You know when you have a good statement of work template when you can read over the tutorial in a matter of minutes and begin using the template. The reference material will be there to answer any particular question you might have, but will not be necessary in all circumstances.

Templates are advantageous to use in creating a statement of work or any other type of document involved in a project because of their time saving ability. This will help you get achieve your goal of having an accurate document is as little allotment of time as possible.

This will allow you to send out your statement of work to those that need to receive. This will allow for a faster response by them to supply you with what you need.