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The Manager Job Description must be Accurate

September 22 2011

When a manager job description is being prepared for advertising, the qualities of the person needed and their schooling must be included. That might sound basic, but many forget to include the simple things. Many make the assumption that most job seekers will already have the basic qualifications if they are applying for the position. Unfortunately this is not always true.

In today’s economy, the listing of a manager job description position or any for that matter must be very specific. The leading reason for this is so the people viewing the help wanted sections will know what is expected of them before applying for the position. This will avoid an onslaught of applicants that are not qualified for the position.

Included in your manager job description should be how large of a team this position will be in charge of along with number of production lines they will be supervising. This will give the prospective applicants a good idea of the scope of the job size and their responsibilities.

Another good thing to include in the manager job description would be the project management tools that are available for the position to use. The more specific you are in this category, the better chances of finding applicants that already have prior training and know how to use the management tools you already have made an investment in. This will not only make your pool of applicants more manageable, but reduce the learning curve for your new employee.

One qualification most people forget to include with a manager job description is the people skills that will be required. If you have some difficult workers on your staff already, make handling them properly part of the requirements of the position. This way fewer waves are created and the project team can become cohesive early on in their bonding.

These are some helpful suggestions on what should be included in the manager job description you are placing to fill this type of position. This is not the type of position anyone can fill. By including the details you must have, the odds of finding a good or perfect fit are increased.