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Posting a Position Description must be Specific

September 26 2011

The posting of a position description must be very specific in order to get the pool of applicants you desire the most. This will help to eliminate people that are unemployed from applying for a position they are not qualified for thus making the job of your human resources staff easer.

The most common things to list in a position description for a job opening are the minimum level of education required for the position, tasks that the position will be responsible for and if the job is full time or part time.

The greater the list of responsibility the job requires, the more detailed the position description has to be in order to obtain the necessary applicants for the position. For the project manager position, the detail that is most beneficial is if an applicant has previous training and usage of your project management office program.

By stating this in the position description when posting the job, the number of applicants will be more limited, but the respondents will be better qualified for the position and role they are to play within your organization. This will also make sifting thru all the applications easier because you can directly compare what you have posted as requirements against the qualifications each applicant has listed on their resume.

Another easy way to narrow down the field of applicants is to place in the position description a list of training you desire from each job seeker. The list can be from what you have already invested in with your workforce in the past. By comparing your list with the applicants list of training they have taken, you will be able to judge if they are coming from an organization like your own.

The use of a well constructed position description will be beneficial in filling the position you have open with the least amount of effort. While no one prefers to review job vacancy applications, it is a requirement to fill the open positions so your project teams can be staffed with qualified personnel. This will help to ensure your projects will have the best chance at becoming successful.