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Change Management Plan in an Organized Way

October 24 2011

For a solid change management plan to be effective, it must be done in an organized way. This will require the use of a change management template that is part of the project management office program. This way a formal document can be created that will have all the details and the correct path for instituting a formal change in a business policy or process.

By using a change management template, a known path of how this type of plan can be effectively implemented will be created. This will make it significantly easier when a process is in need of change to make the business operations run more efficiently. It is also a way of introducing a new process to your work force.

The use of your new change management plan will make the implementation of any part of your project easier. This is essential during the execution phase of the project’s lifecycle when the need for a change arises. With a formal plan in place, the projects goals, its scope timescales and resources are all factored into the change so the deliverable will be finished as closely to the schedule as possible.

To initiate a change management process the first step is the filling out of the change request form. This is one of the supporting documents that will accompany the change management plan that was created. This will allows for all the checks and balances of the project to be done in accordance to the plan.

The change request form is a critical tool in the change management process that brings all of the planning together. This is the formal document that will describe the nature of the change and the exact impact the change will have on the project and its deliverable.

The last tools for the change management plan will be the change register. This is the part of the plan that will monitor the change after it is implemented to the project. It is also the tool that will measure the impact of the change and allow for an accurate review of just how effective the change is on the project.