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An Organizational Change Management Plan

October 31 2011

With an organizational change management plan in place there is a path for changes to be made to processes or any other business routine that will follow the guidelines set forth by the company. Because of all the possible paths a change can take, a set plan will help the implementation of one to be conducted in the smoothest possible fashion.

What an organizational change management plan will bring to your intended variation of a process or project is order. This is essential to keep to the scope of the business plan or project plan so the ending result will be beneficial or a forward move of the project.  The scope or focus is important because not only has it been approved, but is the guidelines for the entire project or business routine to follow.

The organizational change management plan will also help to make sure the standards set forth for the project plan to follow will be adhered to as the implementation of the change occurs. This will help to ensure the schedules and deadlines of the deliverable will be taken into consideration when the change is being considered.

When using an organizational change management plan, a project manager is following a guide that is similar to a check list. There are certain things and qualifications that must be done for the change to even be considered. This is not only to make sure all of the necessary ingredients and information about the change is available, but also to identify if a change is not suitable to be implemented.

To initialize a change within an organizational change management plan a change request form must be filled out. How this is constructed is also set forth in the plan so there will be a consistent nature to all of the requested changes and how they are proposed.

When a business has an approved organizational change management plan in place, the action of implementing a needed change is done in an organized fashion. It will show the path needed to implement the change so it will be effective and notify the correct personal that are involved with the change. This way it will not be surprise to anyone who will be effected by the change.