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Change Management Model for a Path to a Better Future

November 14 2011

The use of a change management model is recommended so you will have a known path to follow with predictable results. This is different than using a template because the there is already data in the document that can be used as a reference guide.

When using the change management model, it is also advantageous to use a project management template so the components of the model can be easily transferred into the formal document you are currently creating. This allows for an easy and fast way to take what you need and change or create from new the portions that must be modified to fit your particular business model.

The reason so many project managers make use of a change management model is so they can control the path of this document so the scope and goals of the project plan can be maintained thru out the implementation of any changes. This will help to keep the schedules accurate so the deliverable will be ready when it is needed.

When looking over the change management model, the project manager will see how the previous person made their checks and balances on the data and information. This will have to be done each and every time a change is needed to be made in a process or the entire project plan itself. This will allow for the project to stay on track while the change or changes are being made so the final outcome of the project will be what the stakeholders intended it to be.

Just like with the change management model, any change you wish to make will need a starting point for your project. This will be accomplished with a change request form. This will allow for the full details of the propertied change to be explained. It is also the place for the impact potential of the change to be described in detail and allow for all of the changes in the project to be identified.

The use of a change management model is a great time saver for the project manager. There is no reason to redo or reinvent work that has already been completed in documented form.