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Handling the Change Management Risk

November 21 2011

Handling and being aware of the change management risk is necessary to help keep the implementation of the change a positive note for your organization. The first step in this process is being aware of the possible risks that are involved with any change to your daily business routine or processes.

The largest change management risk is just how your staff is going to deal with and accept the change when it is imposed upon them. Accepting change is not a natural concept that most people have instinctively. Resisting change is a natural response so dealing with this instinct in a positive way must be found by any organization desiring to implement a change. This resistance to a change even occurs when it is known the change is for the good.

The best way to reduce the change management risk is thru training the staff on the specific of the change. The portion of this training that will be most effective is how specifically the change will personally effect each individual.

Once this is done in a meaningful way, the change management risk will be reduced. What has to be remembered by management is that their staff is not like personnel in the military that are trained to take orders no matter how it personally affects them. Just informing them that a change will occur and they have to live with it, could cause a chain of event into motion that will have a negative effect on the overall outcome of the change.

Another of the change management risk factors is if the change will actually produce the results it is intended to do. Not every change that looks good on paper will produce the positive intended results in the real world. All changes should be thoroughly thought out before they are implemented into your system.

The knowing of a  change management risk before the change is placed into your business system is the first step into avoiding a bad outcome. Following a properly created change management procedure will limit the risk that the company is exposed to during this period of time so the best possible results can occur.