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Timesheet Tracker

November 26 2011

The use of a timesheet tracker program will help alleviate many of the headaches a project manager might have during the execution phase of their project’s lifecycle. As all mangers are fully aware, time is the one resource that is finite by definition. Once it is gone you can never recover it so managing it properly should be a top priority.

By using a program that is dedicated to only being a timesheet tracker, all of your time management can then be centralized. This allows for an easy manner of organizing this valuable resource.  To use this type of monitoring system a timesheet templates should be used by all employees.

By using the templates the timesheet tracker will be able to take the data requested by the manager without any mishaps. This is due to the fact that the templates are self explanatory for the employees to use. There are areas where the exact time they spent on specific tasks is to be recorded. There are also sections to describe in detail if needed what was accomplished.

When there is a problem with the completion of a task the timesheet tracker can pick this variable up and notify the project manager. This is since there is a place on the time sheet templates for the entry of this kind. As evident this is the way to digitally record all of the activities spent on a project. This can also be linked into the schedules so as the project progresses; it will be reflected on the Gantt charts and other means by which you are recording your projects progress.

The timesheet tracker program works in two directions to help the project manager in managing the time of the team. If a request arrives for more time on a task or for reassignment, this program has the ability to give approval or denial of the request.

The new timesheet tracker software program has all the features needed to properly manage, monitor and control the time of the project team in the most effeicent manner. With two way recorded communications the chances of a miss understanding is nearly eliminated.