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Project Quality Management Plan

November 28 2011

Having a project quality management plan in place is necessary to help ensure your deliverable meets the goals and scope set forth by the business case of the project. It also helps to make sure your deliverable will be accepted by the target audience so the establishment of a sound revenue stream can be made.

The creation of a project quality management plan is usually done with the aid of a project management tool called a template in today’s business world. This is a preformatted document that has the best possible path for a quality plan to follow already laid out as an outline.

The specification and restrictions for your project quality management plan can be easily obtained from the approved business plan of your project. For those businesses working as a third party supplier of a deliverable, this plan should also include a quality form that keeps track of the product run.

This review form is part of the project quality management plan and is documented proof of just how the production of the deliverable maintained the pre set quality specifications. This allows your company to easily provide the necessary verification that the deliverable was made correctly and as agreed to by the two parties.

This monitoring of the production process can also be used to improve your project quality management plan. By observing what area of production has made the greatest difficulty in making the deliverable to the correct specifications, improvement can be made so more products are in specification than before.

This reduction is waste is a byproduct of a having a well planned and thought out project quality management plan ion place. With the reduction of waste, the profit margin of your project will increase. This helps to make the overall project a success.

The establishment of a project quality management plan at your facility when executing a project plan has many benefits. Among them are higher profits, reduction in waste and verification your deliverable is within the tolerances set by your client or what the target audience is expecting.