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Quality Management Process for your Project

December 1 2011

To create a quality management process for your project, you must have the right project management tools available at your disposal. This can be done while keeping the goal of improving the deliverable that your project team is creating in focus.

By using a project management template for the creation of your quality management process you will be able to set realistic quality targets for your project team to aspire to and meet during the course of the execution phase. The quality plan for this process will also explain how each of the targets will be measured so when they are attained and verified.

The quality management process will also give your project team a clear path on how to take positive action so the targets can be achieved during the creation of your deliverable. When corrective action is needed, there is even a way to identify the issues and make improvements to your process so they can be used in the future.

The overall reason a quality management process has to be a part of your overall project plan is so their documented evidence that your deliverable fits the purpose for which it was designed. It also has been recorded that it meets or exceeds the specifications of the deliverable as set forth by the business case of the project so the client or target audience will be satisfied with what you have produced.

The two categories that a quality management process can be broken down into include quality assurance process and the quality control process. The quality assurance process is the research and documentation process that sets the foundation for your quality plan. This has to be in place before the execution phase of your deliverable is initiated.

The quality control process is the actual physical implementation of your quality management process that will check and verify the deliverable physically. This is where all the checks are made to make sure your deliverable conforms to the goals and scope for which were intended for your project by the project plan in the first place.