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Creating a Quality Management Program

December 8 2011

The creation of a quality management program requires that a project manager understand the level of quality that their facility is possible of achieving and what is required under the goals of the project. Both of these are necessary sources of information so the quality process can be realistic and effective.

The quality management program has to be documented both it can be activated by the project manager. To create such a document, the modern business practice is to use a project management template. This allows for the path of the process to follow a known and proven way of properly conducting a quality plan. It is also preformatted so the final appearance will be professional in nature and follow the guidelines set forth by the organization that has already been approved for planning a process.

The next step in the creating of a quality management program is to gather the necessary data about the deliverable along with the intended goals and scope of the project that has already been approved. In assigning the quality statistic, the project manager must be aware of the target quality of the deliverable.

The correct level of quality that is to be achieved in the quality management program is a must so the proper amount of resources can be assigned to achieving it without any going to waste. This is an important point. While many different levels of quality can be achieved with every deliverables, the right level is critical. If resources are spent achieving a higher level of quality than is needed, the resources including the time and money spent would be considered wasteful. Most importantly it would reduce the profit margin of the project which might lead it to being an unsuccessful project overall.

That is why the correct development of a quality management program is so important to follow. Just as precision and accuracy are two different measures, so is the correct level of quality and the highest obtainable quality for a deliverable. This allows for the correct amount of money and other resources to be expended to achieve the goals of the deliverable so the probability of the project can be achieved without compromising the deliver able itself.