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Data Quality Management

December 19 2011

The need for a data quality management plan in place is to make sure your products always meet or exceed the needs of your customers. This has to be done with the knowledge of what is important to the customers and what the approved goals of the project are.

The creation of a data quality management plan can now be done faster and easier with the aid of a quality management template. This will have a preformatted document in place that is ready for the data to be entered. There will be a set path to follow with all the necessary areas set aside for data entry in the document.

By using the template for your creating of your data quality management plan, time can be saved because the assembling of this all important document is already laid out. This template is also a guide so all of the important details that will be needed, are included.

The specifications set forth in the business case of the project have to be included in the data quality management plan. This way the goals and scope of the project can be met. These target specifications must also have a method or process for checking that the deliverable meets this set specification. This is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager to have in place once the quality plan has been approved.

An area of the data quality management plan that is not often thought about but must be included is the path to improving the quality of the product once production begins. There has to be a set path for improvement so when a discrepancy is found in the process, it can be easily changed. This allows for easier adjustments to be made so the deliverable can have a better chance of staying on its production schedule and hit the market as predicted.

The data quality management plan is a necessary document to have on hand so your deliverable will met the required specifications. It is also needed as proof your processes have a quality plan in place when your customers request to know how you are going to guarantee your work.