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Quality Management Journal

December 22 2011

By using a quality management journal to help keep track of the problems that have occurred in a project, a great reference source was just created. This will be a permanent record of all out of specifications that occurred during the product run.

The quality management journal is not the only places these abnormalities will be recorded that involved a deliverables production, but for the manager, it can be a valued resource. This way they know where exactly all of the abnormalities are recorded. This is particularly handy when attempting to compare different product runs of the same deliverable. You can then pin point a problem to a production line and not the processes involved.

In the past the quality management journal was an actual note book or hard bound book that was small enough to be carried in a pocket. This allowed for it to always be with the quality control manager for the instant taking of notes. This is the preferred process since relying on your memory is not always the best thing to do. This is especially true for the busy quality control manager that might get involved with another problem before they can record the last instance if their journal is back in their office.

Today the quality control manager has more choices of the medium in which to keep their quality management journal. This can be done the old pen and paper method or it can rely on the new digital technology. Cells phones today are equipped with video options so the actual problem can be recorded with a visual touch. There are also pocket size computers so the journal can be made digital from the beginning. The medium of choice is the one the quality manger is most comfortable using.

By using a quality management journal when on the job, a quality control manager can have instant access to all of the data pertaining to problems and out of specification material. This will help them to make a more informed decision on a quality matter as it pertains to their deliverable and project as a whole.