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Following the Project Life Cycle Methodology

January 5 2012

By following the project life cycle methodology, you will have a set path from start to finish with your business venture. This particular one is designed to take a business idea from the time it is created until it hits the market place. This way there is a clear and guiding mechanism for the project manager to follow so delays on trying to figure out what is the next task to do is already laid out for them.

The project life cycle methodology is an organizational tool that reduces the time necessary for the creation of a deliverable to the market place. It is like having a set of instructions for your project that all you need to do is to input the necessary data in the appropriate places.

This is made even easier because the project life cycle methodology makes use of digital templates for the documentation process that is required. By having a guide for each of the nine processes involved in a project, this documentation task will not require the lengthy time period it once did.

The project life cycle is broken up into four different phases. It all begins in the initiation phase where all of the business processes are conducted. This includes the creation of the business venture idea and the feasibility study. This is the firm foundation on which the rest of the project will rely to stand on.

This is followed by the planning phase of the project life cycle. This is the documentation phase were the basic instructions for the project is clearly laid out in detail. The better this is done, the fewer problems the team will have in the next phase.

The next phase of the project life cycle is the execution phase. This is where the deliverable is brought to life on the production line. All of the documents are then used by the project team to solve all the problems that might occur.

The project life cycle methodology is a clear set of documented instruction that can take your idea and make it a reality. This can be done on a consistent basis so many revenue streams can be created for your organization.