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A Business Case must be Effective

January 12 2012

The way a business case is written will determine if it will be effective in producing a revenue stream for your organization. The entire reason your organization is making this business venture must be stated clearly in this document. This will then lay the foundation on which all the other documents and tasks will be built upon.

To have a sound business case, it must have the required components included in it. This will be the framework on which the project manager will build their project from.  This will have to include any possible background information that can be provided. Has it ever been attempted before, by whom and were they successful in creating a revenue stream is near the top of what should be included.

One of the things that should be listed early on in the business case is all the projected benefits that will be created for your organization. This should include details but not just that it will make money. The more details that you place in this document, the greater the chances of the reviews understanding why this project should be financially backed by the organization.

There should be a primary path the business case should follow for reaching the goals of the project. Just so it does not seem like the writer has tunnel vision, there should also be included several alternatives to helping the organization achieve the same goals. Options are always useful so when an obstacle arises, they can be sidestepped instead of the only course of action is to take them head on.

The expected financial costs also need to be included in the business case. This has to be a brief but inclusive analogy including the revenue needed the man power it will require and the raw materials that will have to be brought into the plant to create the deliverable.

The risks of not only initiating the business case must be present but also the risks of not following thru with this plan must both be explored. Even if the idea has risks associated with it, will your competitor venture into it? This must be thought about or your organization could miss out in a opportunity that will not be present in the future.