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Preparing an International Business Case

January 19 2012

In the preparation of an international business case, special considerations must be made because the nature of the business environment it will be involved with. Unlike the local or regional business cases that most project manager are use to creating, these will have an international flavor to them.

The inclusion of a different government, their regulations and restrictions is what set the international business case apart from the typical business case. This can be problematic for many reasons. Not only do the cultural differences have to be considered, but also a language barrier in many instances. It is easy to make a cultural mistake that is unheard of in one country because they are not familiar with the writer of the business proposal. In many instances, this destroys any possibility of the business venture ever gaining governmental acceptance where you wish to develop a revenue stream.

Another area of concern with an international business case is in the feasibility study. The questions you need answering might have to be phrased differently than in your home country so the correct answer can be found. Even with a person that speaks the same language but has never lived there, there can be difficulty in understanding the true meaning of the words. The phrases and saying have different meanings to people who are located in different parts of the world. Knowing not only the language but how to use the language is vitally important to this report being successful written.

The alternative solutions for each region of the world will also be different. This should also be thought about when an international business case is being complied. Just because your focus is in one country does not mean each region of that country is the same. The larger the country is, the greater the disparity between the population areas will be.

The correct preparation of an effective international business case is not as simple as one you would devise for your home country. By doing your research first about the people, the culture and the government will give you the best chance of success.