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A Business Case Example is a useful Guide

January 23 2012

The use of a business case example as a guide is one of the ways a project manager can save time and frustration when having to complete this detailed task. By having this type of guide in front of you from a successful project, the manager can easily see what format was used along with its content that has been acceptable to the stake holders in the past.

The makeup of each business case example could be slightly different according to who made it and its intended purpose. If your organization uses a project management template to create this document, then you will have to forms of instructional material to use when undergoing this task. This task will even be easier if the example was also created from the use of the same template.

With the combination of the business case example and the template, all the project manager has to do then is to notice what data is relevant to their present project from the example and place it in the template. This should be done while keeping in mind what is really relevant and what needs to be modified. The example is from a past project and the economic conditions when it was created might have changed.

Another thing the project manager should be cautious about using from the business case example is the target audience. While target audience may be similar in nature but as time progresses, so do the needs of the public. This consideration must always be thought about before deciding on which target audience to aim for.

The raw materials from the business case example must also be looked at very closely. Again as time progresses some items become more abundant while others are scarcer. This will affect the price in which you can acquire them.

The business case example is a great guide to use when preparing your own business case for consideration. It will answer many of your questions and save you time in this all important document’s preparation. Being accurate while also performing this task in an effeicent manner will help it win approval from the stake holders.