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Using a Quality Assurance Plan

March 5 2012

By using a quality assurance plan, the level of quality for your deliverable will have a documented path to being recorded. This part of the overall quality project plan is the documentation of the processes and methods needed to make the determination if your deliverable is within the required specifications. These specifications are set in the business case and approved by the stakeholders and must be abided by.

To create a quality assurance plan, the use of a project management template is the fastest and easiest path to follow. These preformatted documents are designed with the latest trends from industry so your plan will be as current as possible. This allows for greater detail to be placed in the plan that follows the path for the best possible accuracy when this document is applied to your project.

The task that is assigned to the quality assurance plan is to develop all the necessary tools for the project team to make all of the necessary inspection required of the deliverable. This can be as simple as the color of it or dimensions. The more complicated the deliverable is, the larger the number of inspections and types of inspection of it will be required.

The quality assurance plan also has to create a way for all of these inspections and test results to be judged and recorded. This allows for the results to be analyzed and a determination if the deliverable meets the criteria set forth by the business case. It also is evidence that can be shown the stake holders and customers of the level of quality the deliverable has reached. These results can then be used for determining the waste produced by the production line and also the possible profit potential of the revenue stream.

What the quality assurance plan will bring to your organization is a path to ensure your deliverable is marketable and to what target audience it might be appealing too. This level of quality will help to determine the price at which it can be sold which is directly related to it profitability.