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Using a Quality Plan Document

March 12 2012

By using a quality plan document as the path to improving your level of quality in your organization, you can obtain many benefits. The most obvious of these is the increase in credibility your organization will have as viewed by the global market place.

To create a quality plan document that is customized for the particular needs of your organization, the use of a project management tool is advisable. The most used tool for this task is the project management template. This is a preformatted document that is comparitable to a digital outline ready for use. Unlike it paper counterpart, this outline has sections that were professionally prepared that were designed to be used in the global market place. They will also have places in them with charts and graphs ready for data to be filled in as variables so a visual representation of the point the project manager is attempting to make can be understood better.

The data and information needed to be inputted into the quality plan document can come from many different sources. This can be from past quality documents that were either prepared with the template of from another source. If they were from a document that used the template, many of the redundant sections can be simply cut n pasted into the new plan if they are still relevant.

Another place where relevant data and the specifications for your new quality plan document can be found is in the business case of your project. This is where the approved scope, goals and specifications for the deliverable will be listed. This data has to be the foundation for your quality plan so the final product will be what it was intended to be. There is no need for a product that is not what was approved for by the stakeholders.

The creation of a customized quality plan document is easier than you think when you use the right management tool. This will help your organization meet its goal of making a better product that the global market place will accept while improving the image of your company.