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Using an RFI

April 9 2012

By using an RFI, you will be able to obtain the necessary information to complete your current or future project plan so it can be correctly documented. The Request for Information is one of the many form letters that have to be sent out in the discovery phase of a project to collect the latest details on costs, availability and deliver times of the raw materials will be known when planning a project.

One of the important qualities of a RFI is for it to be consistent. To help do this the project management template specifically designed to create a request for information letter has been created.  This template makes it possible to send out an informed message of just what your organization is in need of. This information gathering letter will follow the same pattern each time you use it because it will be generated from the same template.

The advantage of using this RFI template is the requested information will be placed in the letter in the same place each time. This consistency helps to prevent any confusion by the recipients of your letter when it is related to your needs. This also makes it possible for a quicker response from said recipients because the message is clear with no ambiguity in it.

This digital RFI will also be saved each time one is created. This will save time if you need to update the information in your request. This is necessary since the global market place is in constant flux with process and availability not always being constant. This form letter being ready to be sent out at a moment’s notice can help speed the process of data acquisition of your raw materials so your project plan can contain specific information on many of its components.

With the information gathered by your RFI, you will be able to set your budget for the project in question along with the schedule of its production. This is made possible because you will then know how much the material you need will cost along With when you will be able to expect delivery of it.