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Project Planning and Management Guidance

May 7 2012

Project planning and management guidance are two things that must be coordinated so the goals and scope of your business venture are realized. This sounds like it would work together naturally, but there can be problems that arise over the course of time that could interfere with your organization.

To make project planning and management work together in the most productive manner will take an effort by project manager, their team and the management representative responsible for the project. In many instances this will be the project manager, but not with every organization.  To help overcome the most common discrepancies, a good line of communications must be present at all times. This will allow for all parties involved to know what is going on at all times.

One of the first things that need to be established with project planning and management working together is a list of responsibilities for all the people involved with the project. This allows for anyone to know who is supposed to be working on what and when. This will reduce the friction caused when people are working together that might have different personalities. Just like a task list that will be created for your project, the responsibility list is a must for any business venture.

Once the responsibilities are set, the project planning and management team can begin to discuss and decide on the details of the business venture. For most projects, there will be things and items that are set in stone. This will include where the deliverable is to be produced along with the hours needed for its completion and the available manpower. There will also be variables like raw material suppliers, the exact makeup of the project team along with the schedule the project needs to follow for it to produce the deliverable on time for the global market place.

The guidance of project planning and management together is the best possible way to help ensure your business venture will become a success. Know who is responsible for what part of the project along with the time table for its completion is a must.