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Change Management Plan for a Successful Transition

June 18 2012

The use of a change management plan is required for any change you will be making in your organization if you wish to go occur easily. As most people and manager are fully aware of, change to a normal business routine in the office or at a plant is not something that is generally well received by the staff. This is because most of them are already comfortable with the way things are.

By creating and implementing a change management plan, you will have a well documented path to make the changes you need to make with as little turbulence as possible. This way the disruption the changes will cause can be kept to a minimum.

To develop your change management plan, the use of a project management template is advisable. This is the most time effeicent path to follow to document the path you and your project team need to take to make successful changes within your organization. This way there will be no surprises for those that know what is in the plan. It also has the most successful path to incorporate the necessary changes to your staff so they will become comfortable with the change in less time.

Your change management plan not only has to include the change that will be new, but also what is being eliminated if anything. There should also be the manner in just how the change is to be introduced to the staff. This can be with a simple announcement or for the larger more complicated changes the scheduling of classes. The right approach to any change will make a major difference in just how well your staff will take the change.

It is human nature to resist changes, no matter how large or small they may be. By having a change management plan that is documented, approved and in place, the effects of the change being implemented have an increased chance of being received positively. In most instances, even for changes to your organization that are for the good, there will be some resistance. With the right approach you can minimize the problems and disturbance the changes will cause when being implemented into your daily business routine.