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Business Change Management Process

July 2 2012

The business change management process is similar to what is done when changing a process in a project, but on a larger scale. There will be more people affected by the change so your change management plan should be designed to meet this new requirement.

Fortunately for those that already have the project management template program they have the outline necessary for the creation of a functional business change management process plan already. This template can take some of the data from your change management plan from your project, but be aware that the scope and goals will be slightly altered.

The new business change management process plan will have to include all of the departments in your organization. This will be the only effective way to have everyone included in the change process when it does effect the entire organization. There should also be a stipulation in the plan that if a department is not affected by the change, their exposure to the introduction of the change can be less detailed or even omitted.

Included in the business change management process plan has to be just who can initiate such a companywide change. There will also need to be a process for the change to be submitted along with a procedure to review the proposed changes. In the template, there are sections already in place for this type of data to be placed. This all follows the most logical and effeicent path for this type of plan to be a functioning document in your organization.

There is also a section in the template for the details of the business change management process plan and how it is to be implemented to the staff. This has to be done in a manner that leads to as little disruption as possible with the staff.

The business change management process plan is the best way to make the necessary changes within your organization so you will stay competitive and effeicent in the tasks your staff needs to accomplish. While any change can be disruptive, with a plan in place, this disruption can be kept to a minimum level.