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Using a Quality Management Plan

August 27 2012

By using a quality management plan in the correct manner your organization can improve their credibility with your customers and your public image. This can have a positive effect on the frequency and size of the revenue stream in which you’re deliverable can produce.

The creation of the quality management plan begins with the project manager knowing the scope and goals of the deliverable that is about to be produced. This will give them the basis for what has to be accomplished. This will allow the quality assurance group to start the documentation process of the project. They then begin to bring up existing processes that are related to your project that have already been written.

With most quality management plan, portions of it will already be prepared from past projects within your organization. These would not need to be rewritten by scratch, but just copied so they can be included with the new deliverable. This is a great time save and an acceptable practice. What is important is that the document is relevant with data that is up to date and accurate so no problems with quality will arise from their use.

The purpose of the quality management plan is not to achieve the highest possible level of quality for the production of your deliverable. Its main purpose is to help the project team to achieve the level of quality set forth in the business case. While this is the same thing at times, it is not in every instance.

The reason the project manager must be aware of the level of quality the quality management plan must aim for is so money and time is not wasted. This occurs when a higher than needed level of quality is achieved that uses resources but adds no value to the deliverable.

When you need to develop a quality management plan for organization remember to use what is available to you to achieve the goal as quickly as possible. Also make sure what is included in your plan adds value to the product that the customers will appreciate. Value that no one wants, is no value at all.

Kindly provided by Brent Westland