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Using a Statement of Work Template

September 24 2012

Using a statement of work template will contribute to just how well you will be understood by your external suppliers. One of the first things your third party vendors will recognize when you use this template for communicating, it how consistent your message is with each time they are contacted.

The statement of work template is a preformatted digital outline that helps the project manager create this vital communication document in more detail with a greater level of consistency to each and every one that is produced. Each time it is used, the same items will be listed in the same place for each message being sent. This prevents most errors by the receiving company because they are unsure of what you are meaning. It also allows for the interested parties to know exactly where in the document is the information they need to reply to your request.

Inside the statement of work template is a place you define the type of supplier you think can fulfill your needs the most. There is a separate section for the exact type of equipment you are in need of and the type of raw materials you need for your project. By these always being in the same place with each time you contact a supplier, they know exactly where to look to make sure they are providing you with what you need and are willing to pay for.

There is another section of the statement of work template that will have the terms and conditions for the delivery of the goods ordered along with the payment for them. This will be clear so no ambiguity between the two parties can occur.

Included with the statement of work template are complete instructions on how to use the project management tool to its fullest potential. There will also be practical samples you can review if you have any questions

The statement of work template is the tool you can use so your project will be supplied with the material you need, when you need it so you can keep your business venture on schedule. This will help you send a clear message to your suppliers so there will be no misunderstandings about just what you need and are willing to pay for it.