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Risk Management Planning is Necessary

November 5 2012

By risk management planning, you will be preparing your project for the possibility of a risk or risks impacting your business venture. This is one of the best ways to avoid delays in the execution phase of a project’s lifecycle. This risk plan must be created and implemented before your project leaves the planning phase for the execution phase.

To help with your risk management planning, there are available today a project management tool called the risk template. This tool is a preformatted outline that has a path to successfully dealing with the risks and issues that your project might encounter in its execution phase. This template has a place for all of the risks you might encounter. Since every business sector is different, you will need to supply the specific risks involved in your sector of business.

The next stage in the risk management planning will involve the prioritizing of the risks. This will allow you to deal with the biggest threats to your project and assign the appropriate resources to deal with them. Next are the mitigation steps that will be used if and when the risks impact your project. The reason this planning must be taken before the project enters the execution phase of the project lifecycle is so insurance can be purchased to cover a risk if necessary. Insurance is used to cover the financial costs of a risk that would be more costly to avoid than allow it to impact. By having insurance, your project will be covered and have the ability to stay within its budget so a successful project can still be its outcome.

No one wants any of the possible risks to actually impact their ongoing project, but it is considered just part of doing business. Resources might be delayed or transportation costs might rise over the course of the project’s execution phase. This is why it is so imperative that you include the risk management planning process as part of your preparation for your next business venture. A risk could impact your project and if not dealt with correctly and quickly, could bring it to a grinding halt.

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