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Total Quality Management Plan

December 31 2012

To have a total quality management plan in place it needs to be created first. This might sound basic, but the process to creating this document can take several different paths with varying results to them.

The best known way to create a total quality management plan is to use the available project management tools at your disposal. This will include the quality plan template in your project management office program. This already has a set path for the creation of your quality plan that has shown to be effective and efficient in the recent past.

Before you begin to create your total quality management plan, you will need to know just what level of quality your deliverable is to be at. There are many different levels of quality it can be and not just the best quality possible available to you. The level of quality has to take into account the value it adds to your product and the revenue it will generate. As an example it does not increase the value of a 2X4 if it is 8