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Project Quality Management

January 14 2013

The use of project quality management within your organization is there to be the watch dog for your customers. This group that implements this program is there to ensure your organization does what it says it is going to do when it comes to your product or services. With the procedures they follow to check your product being documented, it is the proof you need to show regulators you are in compliance with the local and international standards set for your product line.

The introduction of a project quality management system in most organizations came about because of the growing competition in most business sectors. Each business claiming to be the best, but there was no proof other than their word. This is no longer sufficient. The need to prove what you say is now the standard protocols for all industries. In your quality plan, there will be procedures to follow that will document you are producing what you claim to so it will become fact instead of just words.

Within the project quality management plan of your organization there will be two separate but important groups. The quality assurance group will be the ones responsible for knowing the right standards that are to be used in the documents and then writing the procedures that have to be followed. Just having methods to check your products is not enough anymore. They must meet the international standards so your products can make it through the many different custom inspections with little to no delay.

The second part of the project quality management plan will be focused on the quality control group. These are the individuals that take the methods and procedures produced by the quality assurance team and implement them. Then they record their findings. These are the documents that prove you are producing what you claim to be.

Just having a project quality management plan is not enough anymore, it has to be an active part of your organization. There also has to be documentation that the different groups are performing their tasks as the plan has instructed them to do so. This allows for the proof to be ready about the quality of your product when it is requested by inspectors and clients alike.