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Information in a Sample Business Case

May 20 2013

A sample business case is a constructive manner in which to get ideas, and notice what the particular stakeholders of your organization are looking for in a business proposal. This is one of the reasons you should review several of the past business cases your organization has placed before the funding committee.

The wealth of information in a sample business case will vary depending on the outcome of the approval status of the proposal. What is known is that both approved and rejected business cases have information that can help the current project manager get their business proposal approved.

When looking at a past sample business case, you should notice if a pattern of how it is presented and the format of it is similar to other presentations. This will be a clear indication that a business case template has been used in the past. If you were unaware of this, then locating it should be on your priority list. By using a template, you can then make your presentation in the manner and format that the approval committee or stakeholders are used to. This can be beneficial in gaining approval on its own.

The information in a sample business case that has failed can reveal what the stakeholders are not looking for. By comparing this document to one that has been approved, you can then note what the differences are. Because the sample business case was made from a template, you will be able to locate the correct section easily. It will also help you to prepare this section in the manner that is favorable for approval. No one wishes to spend time on a business opportunity just to see it not approved.

The use of a sample business case, along with a business case template, is the best and most efficient means of gaining approval for your next business venture. This will help you to avoid mistakes that have been made in the past. It will also help you to provide consistency in the manner in which you create this all important document.