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Using ISO 9001 Quality Management

November 18 2013

By using ISO 9001 quality management as one of the international standards you follow, it will help your products to be accepted in more markets. This allows your deliverables to be accepted in more than 170 countries around the world with more considering it.

The use of ISO 9001 quality management is a way your target audience can verify just what you are producing. The basic concept is very simple. You do what you say you are going to do, and document exactly how you do it. This requires an organization to document every process and procedure in detail that relates to the production of their deliverable.

By following the ISO 9001 quality management requirements, your organization will be able to be counted on by the people you supply. They will know exactly what to expect so they can make their own business plans. This reliability is what will make them dependent on your organization and increase your revenue streams.

There are some regions of the world where you are required to use ISO 9001 quality management system to even enter the market. The largest one at this time is the European Union. Without this certification of being ISO 9001 compatible or compliant, you cannot even begin to talk about selling your products to anyone or any company there. This is since all of these businesses are required to be ISO 9001 compliant at all times. None of their raw materials or supplies can come from a non- compliant ISO 9001 sources.

To become compliant with ISO 9001 quality management systems, many organizations have to hire an outside contractor. This is since the job is mainly all documentation and is very time consuming. Once you have completed this process, the task is also not over. Every time a process or method is changed, including a new raw material supplier, the documents have to be updated.

By using ISO 9001 quality management to your advantage, you will be aware of just what is going on within your organization at all times. It will also open the door to many otherwise restricted markets to sell your products.