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A Sample Project Plan can be a Perfect Guide to Follow

August 15 2011

The use of a sample project plan as a guide has been done since the first project plan was documented many years ago. This is a simple path to making sure the correct produced and order is followed so a …

Business Case Analysis for a Better Investment

June 6 2011

A business case analysis is used to help a company make a more informed decision on an investment. This is important to be done correctly because so much is riding on the outcome of what the opportunity the business case …

Why use Business Case Templates

June 2 2011

The reason so many people are using business case templates are to help get a jump start on the creation of this very important document. This is the formal document that sets the foundation for your entire project and must …

A Business Case Template

May 19 2011

The business case template is a helpful project management tool that many managers are using to construct their business proposition, in the hope it will be approved.

A good deal of work and hope will be placed on this proposal. …

A Sample Business Case

March 14 2011

sample business case is the best resource a project manager can use in helping them devise a new presentation for a business opportunity they need to present to a group of stakeholders. The sources for this sample can be …

Write Business Case

January 17 2011

In order for a person to write business case that is effective, they must be aware of many things. This includes what the company’s core business plan is looking to invest in, along with their priorities. They must also be …

International Business Case

January 10 2011

An international business case must have the same elements as a domestic business case, but they are expanded to fit the needs of the global economy. This approach is more than just doing research on a larger scale; it has …

My Business Case Templates

October 28 2010

The purpose of business case templates is to assist the project manager in the development of this formal document. By using a template, consistency and thoroughness can be achieved easier than starting from scratch.

Not all business case templates are …