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Manage Communication – Large Projects (Part 1 of 2)

December 7 2015

Manage Communication – Large Projects (Part 1 of 2)

In a large project, all communication takes place in context of an overall Communication Management Plan. Status meetings and status reporting are required, just as for a medium-size project. In addition,

Manage Communication

January 20 2014

Manage Communication
Eight Steps to Manage Virtual Teams


There are some special techniques that can be used to manage these virtual teams.

  • Establish team objectives. The team members need to know and understand what it is that they are

Implementing a Change Management Process

October 7 2013

Implementing the change management process into your organization will have many benefits for the future of your organization. One thing about business is that change is inevitable. The better prepared you are at dealing with it and making it happen …

Choosing the Change Management Strategies to use

December 17 2012

There are many different change management strategies an organization can choose to use. The path that is decided on will help in determining just how successful the incorporation of the changes into your organization will be. The one that causes …

Business Change Management Process

July 2 2012

The business change management process is similar to what is done when changing a process in a project, but on a larger scale. There will be more people affected by the change so your change management plan should be designed …

Change Management Model is a Useful Guide

June 25 2012

The change management model is a useful guide when you need to develop a process or plan for a successful path of incorporating change into your organization. This will give you a path to what has worked in the past …

Change Management Plan for a Successful Transition

June 18 2012

The use of a change management plan is required for any change you will be making in your organization if you wish to go occur easily. As most people and manager are fully aware of, change to a normal business …

Using a Marketing Communication Plan

March 19 2012

By using a marketing communication plan that has been tailor made to fit your target audience, you will be better at getting your message across the first time to them. In the marketing world, making your product appealing to your …