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Start new projects by using a Feasibility Study

November 14 2017

As you kick off new projects in the coming year, make sure you start out on the right foot. These tips will help you set up projects properly from the outset, and avoid problems down the track.

Starting new projects…

Creating a Feasibility Study Report

July 1 2013

When creating a feasibility study report, more than just number crunching must take place. This is the single report about a new business venture that will carry enough weight with it to either make sure it gets approved or …

Learning from a Example Feasibility Study

February 6 2012

There are a number of things you can learn from an example feasibility study.  There is data on the personal choices of different countries and regions from past project you can apply to your current deliverable. There are also …

A Productive Feasibility Study Report

February 2 2012

For a feasibility study report to be productive it must contain all the information that will be necessary for an informed decision to be made.  This is for all of the concerns of the stakeholders on the deliverable in question. …

The All Important Feasibility Study

January 30 2012

The one and only reason for a feasibility study to be done on a business venture is to see just if money can be made with the deliverable under consideration. To do this in a constructive manner many different components …

Using an Example Feasibility Study to Expedite Work

June 13 2011

The use of an example feasibility study to help expedite the creation of a new feasibility study is a common practice in the business world of today. This is due to the fact that this type of document has common …

The Purpose of a Project Feasibility Study

June 9 2011

The purpose behind a project feasibility study is to know the different variables involved with your business venture and how it will be accepted on the open market along with who will be the target audience.

In a projects lifecycle, …

The Sample Feasibility Study

May 16 2011

With a sample feasibility study in hand, a manager can see what target audience was gone after in the past for ideas on who they are and what might be appealing to them with future deliverables. This is the only …