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Project Charter or Terms of Reference

November 11 2010

The Terms of Reference or project charter is the backbone to what has been agreed upon by the stakeholders and the company that is about to undertake a project. The purpose of this formal document is to state in clear …

Project Plan Sample Can Be Used As A Guide

August 1 2010

To set up a project plan sample as a guide, a project manager must first locate one in the archives at the company they are working for. While there are many on the internet, one from the business a person …

The Project Charter Is Similar To the Magna Carta

July 16 2010

The project charter is the section of a project management where the scope, goals, and resources are clearly defined. Some companies call this the Project Definition, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, or Terms of Reference. No matter what you call this, …

Building a Project Charter

June 17 2009

Project Tips:

Building a “Project Charter”

Interested in building a successful Project Charter? Here are some helpful hints from our Method123 Project Charter template:

A Project Charter is a document which outlines the purpose of the project, the way …

How to Create your Project Charter

June 3 2009

One of the most critical steps in the Project Life Cycle is the creation of the Project Charter. Without this document, your project is like a ship without a rudder. You have nothing to steer you in the right direction. …