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Project Lifecycle in Business

June 27 2019

A project lifecycle at your business can take several paths. This is just like the name calls it; a cyclic pattern that a project can circulate until a deliverable is created that meets the projects objectives.

The project lifecycle is …

Performing Project Management Life Cycle

November 30 2017

Project Management Life Cycle Change Management

In this latest article, we’re discussed the topic of Change Management.

project management lifecycle is typically undertaken within changing business environments, so it’s inevitable that during the life of your project, there …

The Global Project Management Life Cycle

April 22 2013

The approach for the global project management life cycle is similar to the one used in the region areas of commerce, but have more input and flexibility. This is needed since there are no two regions of the world that …

The Four Phases of the Project Life Cycle

April 8 2013

The four phases of the project life cycle are distinctive from each other. Each one has its own important place in this methodological approach to taking a business opportunity from an idea to a profitable venture.

To begin a business …

The Project Lifecycle Leads to Success

January 26 2012

The use of the project lifecycle methodology will make a large contribution to the success of your business. This is the approach many organizations use to lay out the path they need to follow when using a project as a …

Using a Project Management Life Cycle is Organization at its Best

January 9 2012

The businesses that use the project management life cycle for the basis of their project development have the best organizational tool available working for them. This approach to attacking a project includes all the necessary components and tools to get …

Following the Project Life Cycle Methodology

January 5 2012

By following the project life cycle methodology, you will have a set path from start to finish with your business venture. This particular one is designed to take a business idea from the time it is created until it hits …

A Project Lifecycle

March 17 2011

The use of a project lifecycle is more than just a methodology that is used to guide a project through its lifespan, but a complete way of conducting the business processes involved within a project for a positive outcome. This …