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How to Demonstrate the Value of PM Training – a 4 step process

May 16 2018

Many businesses struggle with demonstrating that they are getting their money’s worth in sending employees to training classes. This question can be applied to project management training as well as any other type of business training. You know the cost …

Ten Steps to Manage Issues on Large Projects

June 1 2015

Issues are more than just common problems. They are problems that meet specific criteria. An issue is a formally-defined problem that willimpede the progress of the project and cannot be totally resolved by the project manager and project team without …

Proactively Manage Project Resources Without Authority

March 31 2014

One of the frustrating parts of being a project manager is that it can be difficult to manage the project when you have no formal management authority over the members of your team. From an organizational perspective, if the people

Six Reasons You Need a PMO

March 3 2014

We all have many wants in our lives but only a handful of needs—food, clothing, and shelter being the top three. Similarly, companies may want many things, but really only find a few things absolutely necessary for survival. A Project

Using Project Management Tools

July 15 2013

By using project management tools when you are exploring a business opportunity, it can help you make a better decision on many of the important factors that need to be decided upon. This is possible because time is a finite …

Timesheet Template

February 25 2013

The use of a timesheet template can bring your organization consistency in the manner in which time spent on a project is documented. The use of a timesheet is regulated by the items included in the template. For this reason, …

Project Planning so the Correct Documents can be Produced

October 22 2012

One of the reasons for project planning is so the correct documents can be created. Just like any other business venture, a path or set of instructions will help a project team to keep focused on the goals and scope …

Project Planning and Management Guidance

May 7 2012

Project planning and management guidance are two things that must be coordinated so the goals and scope of your business venture are realized. This sounds like it would work together naturally, but there can be problems that arise over the …