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Schedule Management Articles

Dealing With Troubled Projects

January 23 2018

Every organization will have to deal with projects that are under-performing, over budget, behind schedule — in a word troubled ! We identify 2 very specific things that organizations need to do in response. The first is immediate and the …

Seven Components to a Risk Management Plan

June 13 2016

Seven Components to a Risk Management Plan

The Risk Management Plan describes how you will define and manage risk on the project. This document does not actually describe the risks and the responses. This document defines the process and techniques

Use the Schedule for Project Integration

June 29 2015

In the TenStep® Project Management Process, once the project is executing, all of the project management processes are integrated in the schedule. The integration occurs here because of an overriding philosophy of the TenStep process – “what’s in the

Schedule Estimating Threshold

April 20 2015

When you create a schedule you generally don’t know enough to enter all of the detailed activities the first time though. Instead, you identify large chunks of work first, and then break the larger chunks into smaller pieces. These smaller …

Manage the Schedule for Small Projects

April 6 2015

All projects need a schedule. If you have a small project perhaps the schedule is a simple checklist or Excel spreadsheet. As projects get larger they need more formal scheduling templates and tools.

The processes you use to manage a …

Create Schedule Management Plan

November 3 2014

The Schedule Management Plan describes the process used to develop and manage the project schedule. Not all projects need a Schedule Management Plan, but if your project has a complex schedule that requires special handling, you may find this plan