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Project Management Tools for Teams

March 11 2009

New Project Management Tools for Teams

Method123 Ltd today announced the release of its new software for project teams.

The Method123 Project Management Tool kit” (MPMM) is a software toolset for organizations that run multiple projects at the same time. These organizations usually need to implement projects in a standard manner, using best practice project processes. MPMM contains such processes to ensure that projects are always run in the same way.

“Project management can be chaos at times,” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123. “Everyone is scrambling for time, money and resources to try and achieve an objective that the organization is dependent on meeting. Most successful organizations attempt to control this chaos by implementing projects in a standard manner. Every project passes through the same life cycle phases, they have the same reporting mechanisms, and changes, risks and issues are all handled in the same manner. It’s like clockwork. Everyone knows what they have to do, by when and how to do it. The only way to achieve this is by implementing a best practice methodology. That’s where MPMM steps in. It describes every phase, activity and task in the project life cycle so that projects can be undertaken in the same repeatible manner. It’s a recipe for success.”

In this latest version of MPMM, Project Managers and teams can create and customize their own methodologies for projects. They can take the methodology that comes with the product and customize it by adding their own terminology, language and acronyms. They can also adapt the processes to conform to their own organizational standards and they can upload new processes as they wish. Teams can create as many project management methodologies as they wish.

Originally released as stand alone software, this new version allows teams to collaborate on projects. Team members can all work on the same project management methodologies at the same time. And they can upload their own project management templates into the tool to act as a repository for their projects.

In the future, Method123 Ltd is planning to allow Project Managers to publish their own project management methodologies to their corporate intranet, so that the entire compnay can access the valuable knowledge included.

“A Project Manager’s job is not an easy one,” says Westland. “They have a lot of deliverables to produce within a very short period of time. Adopting a standard methodology to followcan reduce their stress levels because no longer do they have to work out how they are going to achieve everything. The Method123 Project Management Methodology describes every step in the project life cycle, so that Project Managers know what they have to do and when. These project management tools are as easy to follow as 1-2-3.”

MPMM is produced by Method123 Ltd, the orginators of the online project management template.