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Resourcing Projects Effectively

November 16 2009

Effective resourcing contributes to project success according to Method123, leaders in Online Project Management.

Identifying project resource requirements at an early stage helps to ensure the smooth running of a project says Jason Westland, CEO of Method 123 Ltd.

“Resourcing isn’t just about people, it’s also about materials and equipment,” he says. “Project managers need to carefully think about what and who they need to deliver the project to in a timely fashion.

“Creating a resource management plan will help project managers identify all of the resources they need to successfully complete the project. It helps them determine the amount of labor, materials and equipment required for the project to operate and meet the objectives set out in the Project Plan. It’s also a great way to get buy-in from project sponsors as they can easily see what level of resource is needed for the project.”

Resource management planning scopes out the level of resources needed to complete a project. The Resource Plan will specify the exact quantities of labor, equipment and materials required to complete a project. Resource planning is part of the project planning phase of the project management life cycle and takes place before project execution.

The resource planning template available from Method123 helps project managers identify the types of labor required for the project, the roles and responsibilities of each labor type, the number of people needed to fill each role, the types and quantities of equipment to be used and their purpose, and the total amount of material required. It also enables them to plan the dates that the resources will be used, set out the amount of resource required for each project activity and create a detailed resource utilization schedule.

The resource plan is part of the comprehensive Project Management Kit offered by Method123. The kit includes all of the Project Management Templates and tools needed to successfully deliver projects. It comprises hints and tips, real-life examples, charts and tables that cover every activity in the project lifecycle from initiation to planning, to execution, to closure

Method123 also provides Project Management Methodology and project management software, which combined with its project management templates package, present a unique and compelling offering to project managers around the world.