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Get Project Management Template Recognition

November 19 2009

Get Project Management Template Recognition

Do you feel that you don’t get the reward and recognition you deserve?

It may be that you’re so focused on your projects that you haven’t had a chance to tell others about the value you’re providing. So read these top 10 tips about…

How to Get Recognition for your Projects

To be seen as a successful Project Manager, you need to boost your personal brand so that others see you in the same light as you do. Here are our top 10 tips for doing this:

1. Form the right relationships

The first thing to consider is—who do you want recognition from? Whether it’s your Manager or CEO, you need to build your relationship with them, ideally on both a personal and business level. Make them aware of your role, how critical it is to the business and why they should care.

2. Set their expectations

Tell them why your deadlines are hard to achieve and how limited your resources are. Make them know that the only way you can deliver your projects is through long hours and hard work. Only then will they truly understand the challenges you’re faced with.

3. Tell them how hard you’re working

Every boss expects their team to work hard. But you need to show them you’re “going the extra mile” and why you’re different than the other project managers in your organization. Make them know that you have challenging targets to meet and you’re giving it your all.

4. Shout out minor successes

Don’t’ wait until you’re finished your project before you promote it. Take a small success and tell people about it. Even if your project is delayed and the team are under pressure, shout out about any small successes you gain to make your managers know that you’re doing a good job.

5. Report progress

Report the progress of your project as frequently as you can to show it’s got momentum and give your managers the feeling that you’re progressing well. Use Gantt Chart Software for reporting progress.

6. Focus on what’s ahead

Sure, you might be running late—but instead of dwelling on the current state, focus on the work you’re doing to get it back on track. So always communicate the positive side of the situation to your manager, so it looks to them like you have it all under control. And if you don’t have it under control, then follow tip 7 below…

7. Ask for support

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for support from your Manager and to tell them the absolute truth. You might need more time, people, equipment or even advice from them. By getting their support regularly, you’re actually getting more buy-in from them for your project. And it’s another chance to use the tips above to show them how hard you’re working. Offer them project management templates to give them support.

8. Giving a “Heads Up”

Keep your manager informed regularly by giving them a “heads up” when critical issues come up. Never let them wait to read about issues in a Project Status Report or meeting. Tell them early about any news, so they have time to digest it before you seek their feedback.

9. Celebrate big wins

Great, you’ve delivered on time, under budget, or at least one of the two. Celebrate it celebrity-style. Throw an office party, shout morning tea or at least take the team and your manager out to lunch. Promote it on your company newsletter, take photos and consider a press release. Now is your time to shout out your success from the rooftop, instead of just getting caught up in the next project ahead. Remember—people only get reward and recognition for successes, if they are visible. The more visible they are, the greater the reward and recognition you’ll receive.

10. Be direct

After your celebrations, revisit step 1. Take those you want recognition from out for lunch. Tell them how hard the targets were to meet and what you’ve achieved. Tell them what it took to do it. Then tell them about your next project and get their support for it. This ensures you get their continued buy-in, and it spins off the reward and recognition you deserve.

And there you have it—our top 10 tips for gaining recognition for your projects.

Remember, recognition and reward come hand-in-hand with success. So it’s up to you to show others why you’re successful and deserve reward and recognition for your efforts.

To gain recognition for your projects, use the Project Management Template kit. It helps you create high quality documents that will impress your managers and help you gain the reward and recognition you deserve