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Ensuring a Quality Solution

November 23 2009

Quality planning is a critical part to any project according to Method123, leaders in Online Project Management Templates.

By setting quality targets for your project you will ensure that the deliverables produced, meet the needs of your customer says Jason Westland, CEO of Method 123 Ltd.

“But quality can be a difficult concept to understand and from time to time can get overlooked for this reason,” he says. “The level of quality expected may differ from one organization to the next but it’s essential for a project manager to understand the organization’s quality policy and standards before embarking on a project.

“With a sound knowledge of this, the next step is to produce a Quality Plan describing the quality management processes involved in monitoring and controlling the project delivery.”

Quality planning helps project managers to schedule all of the tasks needed to make sure their project meets the customer’s needs and delivers a quality solution. It comprises two parts; the Quality Assurance Plan which lists the independent reviews needed and the Quality Control Plan which lists the internal reviews needed to meet their quality targets. The quality plan defines the various quality-related tasks set out in the Project Plan. It is part of the project planning phase of the project management life cycle and takes place before project execution.

The quality plan template available from Method123 enables project managers to set quality targets by identifying their customer’s requirements, listing the project deliverables to be produced, setting quality criteria and standards for these deliverables and gaining the customer’s agreement on the targets set. The quality plan also helps project managers to monitor and control quality as it identifies the quality control tasks required to control quality, schedules the control activities in the Quality Control Plan, lists the quality assurance activities required to assure quality and schedules these activities in the Quality Assurance Plan

The quality plan is part of the comprehensive Project Management Kit offered by Method123. The kit includes all of the Project Management Templates and tools needed to successfully deliver projects. It comprises hints and tips, real-life examples, charts and tables that cover every activity in the project lifecycle from initiation to planning, to execution, to closure

Method123 also provides Project Management Methodology and project management software, which combined with its project management templates package, present a unique and compelling offering to project managers around the world.

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