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Project Plan Software Release

November 26 2009

New Project Planning Software Released

Today, Project Plan Ltd announced the release of a suite of innovative new Project Planning software for managers and teams.

The software uses leading edge technologies to allow Project Managers to create a Project Plan quickly and easily. The software is the first of its kind because it allows users to perform project tracking on their desktop. The user can create multiple views, so they can see actual vs. planned and baseline progress all in the same window.  Using the latest in Microsoft .net technologies, the software provides the ability to create a Gantt Chart and interact with it dynamically. In this way, the software provides similar features to Microsoft Project because users can enter tasks and scheduled them to be completed. It then goes one step further than Microsoft Project by allowing customers to track their progress on a daily basis. “This Project Planner is one of a kind” says Craig Nicholson, Technical Director for “There are other packages that allow you to enter task lists on your PC, but no other software allows the user to create Gantt Charts and track project progress as it happens.

This functionality empowers Project Managers to deliver projects on time, because it shows them throughout the course of the project, whether the project is ahead or behind schedule.” While this is the first version of the software to be released, the team at Project Plan Ltd has been working on this software for more than 6 months, and a large number of beta users have already interacted with the software, providing feedback. This feedback resulted in a large number of new iterations, to get the software to a point where it was virtually bug free. More than 20,000 Project Managers and teams were surveyed to help come up with the concept in the first place. “The survey results were unanimous” says Nicholson. “It seems that managers and teams want planning software on their desktop that is simpler and easier to use than Microsoft project, and that helps them track their projects on a daily basis. So that’s exactly what we’ve given them.” The team plan to release new versions of the software every 4 weeks for the next 12 months, to make the software faster and even easier to use.

They will build new features such as the ability to record multiple baselines and the ability to use multiple project plans at the same time. At the same time that this release was made public, Project Plan Ltd has also released their Company Vision. “We plan to be the leading online project management software provider, worldwide” says Nicholson. “By providing software that exactly meets our user’s requirements and offering a free version online we plan to build a large market share in a short period of time. With very few other providers, a large market demand and a great product, we think we have a great shot at success.”

In the future, there will be different editions of the software available at These editions will suit different audiences which include individuals, small to medium sized companies and large organizations. An educational edition will also be released, which allows Universities to use the product in a limited capacity, for free. For further information, visit