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Project Management Template – Project Plan

January 4 2010

New Project Plan Template Release from Method123 Sets the Standard

The release of Method123’s new Project Plan template as part of their overall Project Management Tool Kit promises to set the standard for Project Planning and scheduling.

According to Jason Westland, the CEO of Method123, the project plan is most critical tool in a project manager’s toolbox.  “The Project Plan is at the core of every company’s project management methodology.  Without a good project plan, your project is headed toward schedule delays, misaligned tasks, and budget overruns.  Our template will step you through the process of developing and maintaining a rock-solid project plan to keep your schedule in check throughout the project.”

Method123’s Project Plan template can help the Project Manager assemble the proper detail in the schedule to manage everything.  Tasks, resources, milestones, and task dependencies are all critical pieces of the project plan.  With just a few easy steps, this new template will help the project manager create an accurate view of the project schedule in the most efficient manner possible.

With the new Project Plan template you can:

  • Define project activities and tasks
  • Identify the level of effort required for each task
  • Input and assign resources to tasks
  • Create task dependencies
  • Produce a full-blown project schedule

As Method123 states, no experienced project manager takes on a project without creating a detailed project plan.  The Method123 Project Plan template will become an essential piece of your Project Management Methodology as you see how it steps the project manager systematically through the process.  With this tool, you can create a plan that will keep your project on time and on budget.  Each step contains detailed instructions and is packed with helpful tips and hints to get the most out of your project planning process.

“Our Project Plan template is so easy to use that even the newbie project managers will be able to define project milestones and scope like a pro,” says Mr. Westland.  “Creating the Work Breakdown Structure will no longer seem like a monumental task – our template will step you right through the entire process.”

Method123’s Project Management Templates are powerful tools and this project plan template is no exception.  By utilizing the template to build a plan at the beginning of your project, you’ll show your sponsor that you intend to deliver their solution in the most efficient way possible.

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