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Method123 Wins Gartner Award

March 15 2010

Method123, leading providers in the online project management industry, announced today that the top market research firm Gartner Inc has awarded Method123 as “Cool Vendor of the Month” in the “Online Project Management” space for 2010.

The report states that “Method123’s secret is that it truly understands the world of the multi-project manager in a low maturity organization. Even when things might be done differently in a perfect world, Method123 understands its audience and says ‘we understand that you have multiple things you’re doing; let us help you do the work on your plate.” Method 123 also has expanded into offering basic PPM capabilities as well for clients who like the method and want it seamless integrated into a Saas based project management tool.’

The key findings in the report were that: “We find that many new PMO leaders believe their success or failure will be determined by their ability to develop and deploy a single project management method. Consequently, they spend a great deal of time focused on that objective, often at the price of delaying other, more important activities such as improving project risk management or implementing portfolio management. Therefore, this year’s Cool Vendor report will focus on four PPM methodology vendors — all of whom can provide high quality solutions, often at less cost than most organizations can develop internally”

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