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Project Review Form Template

March 15 2010

Method123 announces the release of their new Project Review Form template for the Execution Phase of the project

Method123, a global leader in the Project Management Software industry – has just announced the release of their newest project management template, the Project Review Form for the Execution project phase.

The project management tempaltes or Project Management Review as it is often called – is designed to capture all relevant data and signoff information to adequately indicate that a project has completed a given phase and has approval to move forward.  In the case of the Execution phase review, the form provides documentation that the project has met all deliverables and milestones successfully to date and is ready for sponsor signoff before proceeding to the Closure phase.

“Capturing and documenting project data and successes prior to a formal phase review is a critical activity in order to gain swift and smooth approval to move on to the next phase,” states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Method123 Ltd.  “Our Project Review Form allows the project manager and team to document the relevant information to gain the proper approvals.  Showing your customer and sponsors that you have diligently completed all deliverables necessary is important for the forward progress of the project and you can show that with our form.”

The Project Review Form allows the project manager and team to document status and show if:

– The project is on schedule with time and budget
– All project planning and execution deliverables are current and have been provided to the customer and approved by the customer
– Issues and risks have been addressed and mitigated
– Change requests and change orders have been properly approved and implemented
– The project is on track overall

The Project Management Kit product offering from Method123 contains more than fifty full featured Project Management Templates designed to make the life of the project manager much easier.  All templates come complete with helpful hints and tips as well as detailed instructions to help the user complete the document completely and accurately.  Each template also includes pre-filled in sections that will help even the most novice project manager complete forms, plans, and project documentation like a seasoned pro.

“At Method123, we’ve put all of our years of experience into these templates,” says Westland.  “Our products are created by project managers for project managers and they’re usable and practical because we know what the project managers are facing.  We’ve been there and we know what works and what the customers must see to be satisfied.”

Method123’s Project Management Kit has sold more than 1 million units worldwide making it truly a global success.  Project managers all around the world are realizing it’s potential for making projects more successful and for getting critical project documents completed in a timely fashion.  It’s an important piece of any Project Management Methodology.

The Project Review Form can be purchased and downloaded separately or as part of the overall Project Management Kit product.  For more information, please visit Method123’s website at